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  1. You... are an 'Angel' (not a frog... an Angel!!) ♥♥ Thanks for the talk!

  2. Happy Birthday....Sweet Friend....Love You. :)

    1. yepthatsme2


      May you day...be just as special as you are!

      Happy Birthday.... :)

    2. Kris51


      Thank you ...so MUCH! You know your friendship means the world to me..... Let's BOTH have the best year ever!! ♥

  3. Wishing you a Wonderful Thanksgiving, my Dear Friend! ♥

  4. HI, Yep....Thanks for checking up on me. Everything is ok, I just haven't been up to posting. Will try to at least post an update. love, gb

  5. Missing you...hope all is well. Love Yep

  6. Thank-you Dearest....I can't wait to try all the new features. It's wonderful...glad you found the time you were looking for, to get the upgrade installed. So, very sorry about the fire in your home. Hope, you are nearing completion of your new home. How heartbreaking. Bijay thank you so much for helping this lovely lady with her dream, her life purpose. Know the both of you must be very tired and worn. Dearest, hope you are able to spend some time with family for Rosh Hashona. Happy New Year. Much
  7. Hi Fin...

    Made it through the earthquake and hurricane without any damage. :)

    Those hugging bears of your's...are the cutest. Thanks, for thinking of me.

    Much Love to 2

  8. (((((Big Hug))))) Thinking of you. Hope you are safe in this hurricane. We are only getting rain.

  9. This has been a LONG week so far... Grandbabies were awesome..... but when I have more time and not so exausted..... I'll write! Miss you!

  10. Thinking of you today....wishing you only the best always. :)


  11. Oh My! Everybodys ok, right? Thats awful Yep and so scary! This crazy weather! My daughter just told me their subdivision got hit hard too. Bless you and your family. I hope all will get better soon. ((((Extra Big Hug)))))) to you and yours.

  12. Kris...I'm alive. LOL

    Son had his house hit by a small tornado. The roof and 3 "large" trees in back.

    Roof is going up today. Trees...we are still working...(sigh) Missed u...love u much!

  13. I "ditto" the profile pic... :)


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