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  1. Happy birthday, marinesmom, and bless you for raising a fine young man who's serving his country! God bless you both, Deb

  2. marinemom99

    Dearest, the boards are great! )

    hello everyone...i just found this site yesterday and all i can say is BRAVA!!!!! i have been having alot of numbness in my face, tongue, arm and intermittent pain on the left side of my chest. i have had this pain in my chest a few times a year for several years...but this numbness is new and making me crazy! i just had a physical and everything checks out good...all the basics are right in line. i have had a stress test (not lately) a few times and eveything is always OK..but still the weird pains and numbness. Anyway...yesterday i simply searched for face an tongue numbness and i found a link to a message thread about this...and here i am...i thought i was reading about myself...i have never been so happy to find this place!! maybe i am not going to keel over after all Anyway, just wanted to say thanks...i know i have a lot to catch up on. I really didn't think i was having meno symptoms too bad...but now i know this is part of it...i feel so good today just knowing i have all of you to learn from. I am 52 and my last period was in October 2004. warm hugs to all who have posted here that we can learn from! debi

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