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  1. Here's the type of threat that my virus protection blocked this morning: Invisible iFrame Injection. Message from AVG virus protection: "The most popular variants of Invisible IFrame Injection are Invisible IFrame Injection (type 1707), Invisible IFrame Injection (type 1711) An Invisible IFrame Injection happens when an unwanted and hidden third party page is inserted into a webpage by an attacker. To hide the injection, hackers make the style of the IFrames invisible. As most malware, an Invisible IFrame Injection exploits vulnerabilities in the system and browsers of the visitors of the website and force adware, phishing programs or any other type of fraudulent software to be installed on their device."
  2. I noticed the warning again yesterday after not seing it for over a month. The search never seems to work right for me. On an unrelated subject, I really wish there was a way to edit our forum posts on PS. This is the only forum of many I visit that doesn't allow that option. Being able to totally delete a post would be a nice feature too.
  3. Is there a way to edit our posts with this new board? If so, I need tips how to that please
  4. You are a wealth of nutrition info. Thanks! The system won't let me message you. Could you please explain to my why or why not flax seed is a good thing in peri? I know it's a phytoestrogen but I get confused when I read about its use for meno as good or bad. Thanks a million!

  5. How can we get the ability to edit our posts?
  6. Stopped by to say hello and hope you have a good day.

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