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  1. Happy Birthday chickie - hope you have a good one - miss ya!

  2. Hi Wildflower, My old buddy. How are you doing. Haven't seen you in a long time. Sending you love and hugs, and hope all is well with you. Love, Mary Beth

  3. Everything from yesterday on the "Bi-est cream" thread is missing, including two posts from me. Maybe it's as though yesterday never happened on PS.
  4. Hi WF -

    Just wanted to stop in an d say hi, how you doing? <3 MB

  5. Morning wildflower. Thanks for stopping by my profile. I enjoyed your comments.


  6. Since music has been added to the message boards and the site in general, it's much more difficult for me to navigate. Somehow, the music "hangs me up" and moving around is much, much slower. As a matter of fact, if I have other windows open on other sites at the same time, as long as one window is on Power Surge, my computer moves slow and jerkily on all the windows. It's as if the music is taking a lot of time for my computer to download, so everything else slows down. I have a cable connection and everything is usually very fast, so this is new to me. Is anyone else having this problem, and is there a way to change it? I find myself reading a lot less because it takes so long now.
  7. The font looks the same to me too. If you're using netscape, click on view, then "text zoom" (this is netscape 7.0) then a series of percents will show, from 50% to 200%. Click on the ones higher than 100% until you get the size you want! This is the first time I've posted since they've been changed, and I notice so many options now! This is really state- of- the- art. Thank you, Dearest, for the change!

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