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How does the search feature work here?

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 03:50 AM

tried the top right hand corner, but all i get is the entire board and all topics...need some help please.

#2 MaryO


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 04:23 AM

Generally, you need to click the little black box on the right of the box to choose if you're searching just one topic, all forums, members, etc.


A word you're searching for needs to have at least 4 characters, to avoid the boards indexing all the instances of really small words.


If you search for something with 2 words, only those posts with both words will show up.


All that being said, I think a few years ago someone said that the search didn't work correctly but I can't remember if that was fixed or not.


I did a sample search and got 105 results which sounded about right.



This is from the Help Files at the bottom of each page - http://www.power-sur...ore&module=help :


Searching Topics and Posts
The search feature is designed to allow you to quickly find topics and posts that contain the keywords you enter. 
There are two types of search form available, simple search and advanced search. You may switch between the two using the 'More Options' and 'Simple Mode' buttons. 
Simple Mode 
All you need to do here is enter in a keyword into the search box, and select a forum(s) to search in. (to select multiple forums, hold down the control key on a PC, or the Shift/Apple key on a Mac) choose a sorting order and search. 
Advanced Mode 
The advanced search screen, will give you a much greater range of options to choose from to refine your search. In addition to searching by keyword, you are able to search by a members username or a combination of both. You can also choose to refine your search by selecting a date range, and there are a number of sorting options available. There are also two ways of displaying the search results, can either show the post text in full or just show a link to the topic, can choose this using the radio buttons available. 
If the administrator has enabled it, you may have a minimum amount of time to wait between searches, this is known as search flood control. 
There are also search boxes available at the bottom of each forum, to allow you to carry out a quick search of all of the topics within that particular forum.
The search feature can be used to search all areas of the community quickly based on keywords you enter.
Quick Search
You can start a quick search by typing your keywords into the quick-search bar at the top of any page and pressing the "Search" button.
Advanced Options
If instead of typing your keywords into the quick-search bar, you click the "Advanced" link next to it, you will see some advanced options for searching.
The first option, "Find words" is where you can enter the keywords to search for.
The next option, "Find author" can be used to only find content from a specific user. As you begin typing ausername, you should see a dropdown with username suggestions that you can select from.
The next option, "Find by date" allows you to restrict the results to content added between particular dates. To select your date, click the  button - this will bring up a calendar. From here you can select any date and your option will be filled into the search form.
The next option, "Find in forum allows you to restrict your results to content within particular forums. You can select multiple options by holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard (or the cmd key if you use a Mac) and clicking on your options.
You can leave any of these options blank, however you must supply at least one search criteria when submitting the form. Once you have filled in the options that you require, press the Do Search button.
Inline Search
When you are viewing a particular topic, or a particular forum, you will notice that the search bar changes from "Search Forum" to "Search This Topic" - this allows you to easily and quickly search through the current topic, forum, or application, without getting search results for other areas of the forum.
Once you have submitted your search, a tabbed page of results will appear - you can change the selected tab to choose which area of the community you wish to search. For example, results under the "Forums" tab will bring up any topics and posts that contain your search keywords, while the "Members" tab will bring up any member accounts that match your search criteria.
You can change the order of the results to sort by relevance or to sort by date using the options at the top of the results page.
The keywords that you searched for will be highlighted.
Once you have found the result you are looking for, you can click on it to bring up the page, or, if you are searching through the forums, you can click on the preview icon to preview the search results without having to leave the search page.

#3 Sweet Bugaboo

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 04:33 PM

Hi, Mary -


I'm having trouble finding the forum boards I usually see --  and I can't remember their names, but one is about the symptoms of peri-menopause, and the other one's title has something to do with going crazy or going nuts, something to that effect.   ---  I don't know if I'm just not doing something right, or if PS has changed its look and search features, a little. 


Please help - and I hope I can find your answer, because I accidentally stumbled onto this post from you.  


TY -  SB

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Posted 20 May 2014 - 08:05 AM

What little black box?