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Announcement: The Boards are Back but...

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Some posts will be moderated for a while.  Please think before you post.  
As of this moment, member donations will keep these boards going through December 15, 2015.  If you would like to make a donation to keep them going longer, the link is at the top of every page here or here: https://fundrazr.com...blrM8/ab/73Ppz4
By popular request, I've added a PayPal option, as well.  Just click here.  Don't be confused by the OConnor Music Studio - I have one PayPal account for several different websites/services.
Because I'm a bit anal, I made a Google Spreadsheet that you should be able to look at to see how things are going, month by month.
For more information, see this post: http://powersurge.in...uestions/page-2
As always, many thanks!