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I've occasionally entertained the idea of accepting donations to defray the rising costs incurred by running Power Surge, but not until all your generous offers to donate to Power Surge to give back to a site that's given you so much convinced me that it's "okay" to accept donations.

SO, hard as it may be to believe, I've actually set it up. Thank you all for encouraging me and making me feel comfortable about doing this, especially in recent posts in the "How Are We Doing" forum. My greatest shortcoming is that I've never been able to ask for help.

The donation process is very simple -- just click on the adorable donate lady icon and it will all be explained.

Most of all, thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for any contribution you can make to help keep Power Surge free. You can click on the pink lady to make a donation.

Should you decide to contribute via check, write to me for an address. Please indicate your user name (if you're registered) on the check so I'll know who it's from as I don't know everyone's real name.

Thank you,
Dearest & Power Surge