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Announcement: All Members MUST Have a Valid/Working E.mail Address

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A great deal of E.mail is bouncing back to Power Surge because members
have either changed their E.mail address since registering, OR they've registered
using a "free" E.mail address at yahoo.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com, but they
haven't used them and the E.mail addresses have expired. Finally, since E.mail
addresses no longer require validation, those who have registered with either a
misspelled address or an invalid E.mail address creates havoc, especially when they
sign up for E.mail notifications.

This creates extra work for Power Surge especially since many of you have
signed up to receive E.mail notifications of new posts on various topics, for
notifications of a new PM (personal message), notifications of blog comments and
notifications of those asking to be added as a friend in your profile, etc.

A current, valid E.mail addresses is required by every registered member.
Please do the following if you've changed your E.mail address, or if you registered
with an invalid or misspelled E.mail address.

The easiest way to check to see what your current E.mail address is AND
to change your E.mail address if the one listed is no longer in use is to do
the following:

[b]On your personal menu directly above the list of forums, you'll see MY CONTROLS.
This is where you can verify your current E.mail address AND/OR change your E.mail


On the MENU on the left...

Scroll down to OPTIONS


Fill in the form and security code

Click on "Change My Email Address

It's that simple!

The new E.mail address will be recorded in the message board's database and
you will receive the notifications you've signed up for.

Any active registered member with an invalid E.mail address, whether they are
signed up for E.mail notifications or not, will have their account suspended until
their E.mail address is changed to a valid/working one.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.