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  3. AA#1

    Hi DCamp.....hope your doing well....you should come join us on Facebook...

  4. miz kittie

    I'm Way Behind...

    Mary that is great news about your mom and husband. Hopefully better days ahead ???
  5. MaryO

    I'm Way Behind...

    Ah, I should have come back and checked this thread sooner. Since I posted that, DH has finished with daily radiation and had 16 radioactive seeds injected around the perimeter of his prostate. Hopefully, that keeps the cancer at bay for a long while. My mom is doing better but is now in kidney failure - only 3 stages out of 4. At last check, her creatinine levels were too high and the doctor was concerned about possible dialysis in her future. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers! On the bright side, our son is getting married in October so I got to get a pretty dress
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  23. Mother’s Day :) https://t.co/bt5RfHN2EM https://t.co/hUN8nH1Rl7

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  25. Salieri and Mozart :) https://t.co/9dYP6Jz3hw

  26. RT @FallenShadows82: Hungary going metal #eurovision https://t.co/dE0Vtx4EJZ

  27. RT @brianmoore666: #eurovision - Denmark represented by Thorin Oakenshield and the dwarves from the Lonely Mountain.

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