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  3. Lucky Penny Day https://t.co/CqvBdfrsqc https://t.co/GkCcsZDEzn

  4. May 22 in Music History https://t.co/2abxJjgyCA

  5. National Buy a Musical Instrument Day https://t.co/wfB2dEhXTI

  6. May 21 in Music History https://t.co/W50DGFoej9

  7. May 20 in Music History https://t.co/Qny6KREycU

  8. May 19 in Music History https://t.co/j1FopZVusx

  9. The latest The Power Surge Daily! https://t.co/kNDf23rFWB #nwhw #askadoctor

  10. May 18 in Music History https://t.co/TPVAqIIS5O

  11. May 17 in Music History https://t.co/MGa1a7SE7d

  12. The latest The Power Surge Daily! https://t.co/sAgLtTx5od #nwhw #worldhypertensionday

  13. The latest The Power Surge Daily! https://t.co/hKK8JiCH3t #wellnesswednesday #jhsph

  14. The latest The Power Surge Daily! https://t.co/zwQ6O2u3oA #jhsph #esoc2018

  15. #NewProfilePic https://t.co/EnrQuVUCWy

  16. A fantastic program of piano duet music happening on Sunday night! https://t.co/vbNfR9Xm3y

  17. The latest The Power Surge Daily! https://t.co/6A2VLH5TYX #nwhw #askadoctor

  18. The latest The Power Surge Daily! https://t.co/GFUf6QSvi9 Thanks to @MenopauseOrg @menomatters #nwhw #harvardhealth

  19. The latest The Power Surge Daily! https://t.co/CJllsrhCVL Thanks to @NIH_ORWH #harvardhealth #askadoctor

  20. Mother’s Day :) https://t.co/bt5RfHN2EM https://t.co/hUN8nH1Rl7

  21. May 13 in Music History https://t.co/pJzkpb2TpI https://t.co/VgbPAuQLv7

  22. Salieri and Mozart :) https://t.co/9dYP6Jz3hw

  23. RT @FallenShadows82: Hungary going metal #eurovision https://t.co/dE0Vtx4EJZ

  24. RT @brianmoore666: #eurovision - Denmark represented by Thorin Oakenshield and the dwarves from the Lonely Mountain.

  25. It’s Dogmother Day https://t.co/0li80wPIEt https://t.co/NvUt5UdCv8

  26. May 11 in Music History https://t.co/ieJjJFZCQB

  27. RT @EverydayHealth: Frequent itching can be very frustrating. Here are the 9 best ways to calm your troublesome itch: https://t.co/njO13KcQ…

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