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  3. Sherri1964, I think it understandable why you've developed health anxiety, especially after the loss of your friend. I many of us start to worry when we have health issues. Have you considered having health anxiety therapy, since your concerns have gone on quite a while? Sherri1974, you were only took HRT on off for two years, It really not that long. (My mother took hrt to for ten years.) You've probably heard of Claire Week's 'Self Help for Your Nerves'. In the book the author reminds people to let time pass. If you've never read the book you probably can find a free pdf. When I had breast pain issues my GP told me to resist over-checking, as it can make the area tender. I hope it has all improved.
  4. Now my breasts itch, both of them. A little red where I've scratched. Thinking the worst (ibc)?? Hope not! As everyone can tell i do have health anxiety as far as breast health goes!
  5. Thanks Mojo.....I have been anxious about that area ever since Nese, my coworker, passed away in January 2017. That's a long time to be scared. Hence why I unintentionally drive my mom crazy with checking it over and over each day. The good thing is I don't smoke or drink. I am taking daily vitamin d3/vitamin k2 which is supposed to be chemo protective along with a few other supplements. Got to the point that I don't trust medical professionals with mammograms and breast cancer because I saw that Nese did everything she was told to do. She tried to talk me out of using HRT and finally I called it quits in December 2016 even though I had been only taking it sporadically for 2 years. She told me that I might want to rethink taking HRT because of my obesity, my terminology she never called me obese but that's what she meant. I miss talking to her to this day. She was African American, heavy set and 36 years old, the perfect victim for her type of cancer, familial. But she knew enough about BC to let me know I don't want to take even a small chance of risking BC by taking hormones. (Thank you, Nese, and rest in peace til we meet again).
  6. My doctor said the more you check the area the more tender it gets. If you are anxious and worried you could be over-checking the area. I think it is the case of check it and then leave it alone for a month or a few weeks. Also check in the mirror their is no puckering or rash and then leave it alone. Anxiety can cause breast pain! The following has come from the UK's nhs site. Evening primrose oil is often recommended as a treatment for breast pain. A dose of 1-2gms of Evening Primrose oil each day for a period of 6 weeks is required before benefit can be assessed. Improvement in severity of cyclical and non-cyclical mastalgia is 58% and 38% respectively. EP oil could also be beneficial for peri symptoms. Of course, you've got to go with your gut instinct, but clearly you also have a health anxiety regarding this issue. Three days breast pain or tenderness is not long, but of course it can feel long when you are worried.
  7. CConard, Just wondering how you were able to get an u/s without a mammogram? Are you younger than 50? I have heard they will give U/S only to younger women because they generally have denser breast tissue than women my age (54).
  8. Hi Mojo, I also read the same thing about BC not causing tenderness. Ever since my coworker passed away from (familial, she did not take HRT) BC I have been OCD about BC especially since I took hrt off and on for 2 years. Now I notice every twinge, discomfort, itch, bump, vein etc. Luckily I have my mom i can talk to most of the time but there are times when she gets tired of hearing it. Not her fault because it the roles were reversed and my mom went on the way I have about the fear of BC, I 'd be annoyed too.
  9. Personally I would wait six weeks before getting it checked out. Mine took six weeks to go and I was worried. I was also told by the doctor that breast cancer does not normally show up as tenderness/discomfort.
  10. About 3 days or so. I had a mammogram last August and everything was fine, suppposedly. I read on the internet it's common as you come close to menopause.
  11. Sherri - how long have you had a sensation or tenderness in the nipple? If its is under six weeks then I would wait a bit to see if it goes away.
  12. I'm having this in one nipple, the left one. I hate mammograms as well; I'm afraid of the radiation even though it's supposedly miniscule. I think it adds up but that's just my theory. I did have a negative mammogram last August. I would love to have an ultrasound by itself but I'm having a hard time finding a place that will do an ultrasound without a mammogram.
  13. hi everyone!  😇angel😇 here -   i have not been here in FAR tooooooo looooooooong!   

    have missed my old PS friends — hope all you chickie noodles are doing well! 

    oodles of hugs🤗 



  14. searching for sisters

    Breast Tenderness

    Hello CConard, I'm wondering how your ultra sound went. I experienced only minor breast tenderness through pm and beyond. What I want to share with you today is how many odd symptoms I experienced and was so "freaked out" about that turned out to be just my bodies response oestrogen withdrawal and hormone imbalance. It's been quite a trip. You are doing the right thing, get your concerns checked out and try to breathe deep and relax. It was so helpful for me to be in touch with other women who have had similar experiences. If you can find something that will help you stay calm, you will have an easier time. My Dr wanted to put me on anti depressants (?, something mood altering), but that didn't feel right for me, so I struggled through on my own. Keep reaching out, there are millions of us sisters out here. Take care Missy!
  15. I’ve experienced this as well. I have dense breasts and they’ve always been sore and tender before I menstruate and at the first stages of pregnancy. I try to watch my caffeine intake as that makes them worse. I’ve also been told about vitamin e and primrose oil to alleviate the pain. During pm, I’ve experienced different soreness, sometimes in one spot or one breast, sometimes just around both nipples. My mammograms have all come back clear and the soreness in all its forms has come and gone with no rhyme or reason. It’s aggravating and disconcerting, but I can’t help but think it’s all hormone-related.
  16. The is something called non-cyclical breast pain, which if I remember rightly is not caused by hormones. I had a strange pain/ discomfort in one breast. The doctor suggested take vitamin E and evening primrose oil, but she did not mentioned the dosage. Mine went within weeks of starting only one of these vitamins. (It might eventually gone by itself even without taking the vitamin.) Breast pain can also be caused by stress and anxiety.
  17. Well I thought I’d been through it all with PM but I have a new symptom. Breast tenderness. It’s really freaking me out. I’ve had a ropey feeling thing in my right breast for about three years or at least that’s when I first noticed it. It seems to swell and deflate with my cycles. This cycle it is inflamed, hurts, as do my ribs on that side. My nipples are also extremely sensitive and I have blue veins erupting all over my freaking body!!! What the??? Went to my GP and she again offered Xanax and did a thorough breast exam as I refuse to get a mammogram. She didn’t feel anything funky and didn’t seem concerned about the ropey thing. To calm me though, she did order a breast ultrasound which is this Wednesday and my anxiety is through the roof just thinking about it. I don’t think I can do this you guys. Has anyone else experienced this?
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